About us

With our years of experience in providing expert financial advice to both individuals and businesses at Finstorlabs, we came to know that most of the stock traders are having difficulty in identifying the right stocks for trading.

It is this realisation that helped us build EasyCharts for stock traders to find the right stocks for intraday and swing trading.

So EasyCharts is a simple real time tool which is built by industry experts by creating specialized formulas to understand the stocks which might give potential stock price movements. This data will help stock traders to do their technical and fundamental analysis.

When other tools in the market help you create custom charts or screeners based on your formulas, we provide you with custom built screeners and charts which helps in identifying the right stocks with our secret formula. These formulas are the key USP of our platform, made with experts input and proven with years of experiments.

This platform is completely focused on giving insights to the traders, and our platform doesn't carry out any trading activities.

Our platform offers
  • Live stock data
  • Breakout screeners
  • Intraday screeners
  • Swing screeners
Reach us at
Vyshakh Vijay
Finstorlabs @ Mizone

Bus Stop, Ceramics, Morazha Kannapuram Rd, Mangattuparamba, Kannur, Kerala 670567

Ph: +91-7012442080